Kalos Eidos



Studio Approach

Overlapping a foundation in architecture with other modes of design, creative practice, and cultural research, the interdisciplinary approach of the studio looks to expand its focus beyond the building envelope.  As designers, we are interested in exploring new possibilities for the environments and experience of living, working, making, and participation in culture, and we consider the engagement of these core activities as spanning a range of scales from the artifact to the city.   Rather than hinge our practice around a specific project type or scale, we seek to develop each project — whether large or small, permanent or temporary, public or private — according to a distinct experiential story, spatial concept, functional agenda, and visual mood. 

The name Kalos Eidos takes inspiration from the Greek roots of the word kaleidoscope: ‘kalos’ translates to beauty, interpreted as an outer reflection of inner nobility and quality, while ‘eidos’ refers to form or observable likeness as indicative of an essential idea.  Together they assert an idea of content and form as fundamentally interrelated in shaping experience and meaning.  This position informs our design process and its outcome, as we look for opportunities to develop both content and form simultaneously through research, iteration, and creative exploration in each project.